Terri “Eye of the Tiger” Mason takes her first tour stop

Grace Nakamua and Terri Mason

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its first Tour Stop on March 26 - 27, 2005 at Landmark Billiards, which has hosted this tour event for the second year in a row. With $250 added sponsored by Landmark, Tiger Products and Labatts, the tournament drew 31 players.

Landmark Billiards, owned by Tony Coelho, is a favorite pool hall that attracts many of the League players. It holds the largest events for CPA Leagues in the Greater Toronto Area. "This is the only bar that I am aware of in Mississauga that has a large Aquarium with exotic fish. Nice place to hang out and play pool! " said Carolina Fernandez, CEO Canadian Women's Pool Tour.

Terri Mason, a local favorite, dominated in the A-side bracket, defeating Sue Sepp (7-3), Kelly Shaddock (7-1), and Dawn Craigie (7-3) in the quarterfinals.

In the A-side semi-finals, Mason meets a veteran player, Grace Nakamura. Nakamura is also the top favorite to win in the competition. She has competed in many pro events including the WPBA, but this does not intimidate Mason. Mason was determined to stay focused and win her match against Nakamura. In tenth rack, Mason is dominating the match. The score is 6-3, and Nakamura rattles the 6-ball. Mason takes advantage and runs out the table. Mason takes the hot seat with a 7-4 win, and sends Nakamura to the one-loss side.

On the B-side, Dawn Craigie, a new player to the tour and not to be forgotten, doesn't let her guard down and crunches Star Williams and Anna Handzel (7-1). Star Williams finishes 5th/6th, and Anna Handzel finishes 4th in the event.

In the B-side semi-final match, Grace was determined to stay on top to meet Terri again. It was a tough match against Dawn Craigie. In this handicapped event, Nakamura needs to win seven games to Craigie's five. After an early lead due to Dawn taking advantage of two ball-in-hands and also of Grace missing a couple of key shots, the tables turned in Grace's favour. She played a solid hook, and Dawn tried to masse but missed the 7-ball and Grace takes the lead (5-4). Dawn only needed to win one more game to finish the match. Dawn runs out the table but hooked herself on the 8-ball and couldn't pull it off. Grace takes advantage to tie the match hill-hill. Grace breaks and the white ball landed on a 1-9 combo shot. What a tight match! Grace wins the match and Craigie settles for 3rd place.

The stage is set for an exciting final match game, one player who is a semi-professional and one young local upcoming confident player. Who will it be?

In a race to seven, the match went back and forth but Terri Mason takes a leading score of 6-4. Grace shoots the 7-ball and rattles it the corner. Terri takes advantage and makes the 7-ball and 8-ball but fell short on the 9-ball. She examined the 9-ball shot which was a tough cut in the corner. Spectators were anxious to see what she was going to decide. Mason decided not to play safe and cuts the 9-ball into the pocket, and what a cut that was. "She's got the Eye of the Tiger", said one of the spectators. Terri Mason wins her first Tour Stop at the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour

Total Payout: $1,135.00

1st Terri Mason - $450.00
2nd Grace Nakamura - $230.00
3rd Dawn Craigie - $155.00
4th Anna Handzel - $100.00
5th/6th Cathy Lafreniere/Star Williams $70.00
7th/8th Susan Wipper/Darlene Gardiner $30.00

Second Chance Tournament on Sunday March 27 2005

Sharlene Wins Second Chance Tour Stop # 1

On Sunday, March 27 2005. The Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its 1st tour stop Second chance tournament. The second chance tournament is for players that are taken out from the main event and would like to try out for some cash on Sunday. The second chance includes added money from the tour and points that are taken for the year-end most second chance points. This event, 9 players showed up for the Second chance tournament with a purse of $235.00 including the $50 added from CWPT.

In the single elimination final match, it was a hill-hill Battle between Sharlene Watkinson and Leanne Amable. The match went down to the 9-ball. Both players exchanged their best safety game. Sharlene shoots the 9-ball in the side but missed the pocket. Amable was left with a difficult shot in the corner. Amable decided to take the shot and also missed it in the pocket. Wattkinson sees the great leave and shoots the 9-ball in the corner with confidence. Amable settles for 2nd place Watkinson wins the Tour stop 1 Second chance tournament Way to go Sharlene!

Total Purse $235.00 includes $50 added
1st - Sharlene Watkinson $110.00
2nd - Leanne Amable $75.00.