DaBreo the King of Queens

Raphael Dabreo survived a long journey through the one-loss woods to win the Tri-State Tour stop at Break Bar & Billiards in Queens, New York on January 17. His trip began with a victory over Mike Davie but then hit the detour put up by Beau Baer that sent him to the left side of the charts for the longer route home. There DeBreo went on a streak and ended the tournament for Dave Jusis, Vomaylin Feliz, Rhio Ane Flores, Raj Vannala, Wilfredo Albay, Scott Simonetti and Luis Robinson before meeting Baer once again for the final match.

Baer had just taken out Luis Robinson and Wilfredo Albay and had already bested DaBreo in the second round (8-5), so Baer might have been considered the favorite. But the extended race suited the style of DaBreo and he marched well out in front and took the title with a convincing 10-5 win over Baer.

The Tri-State Tour wishes to thank the sponsors who make this tour possible. Thanks to: Sterling Gaming, Viking Cues, Stealth Cues, and Ozone Billiards. We also wish to thank Phil Capelle, Billiards Digest, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Inside Pool, and Profoessor Q-Ball.