Danny Green Wins Blaze 1st Stop

The Blaze Nine-ball Tour, 2006 season got on its' way on Sunday February 12 at Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill Pennsylvania. Special thanks goes out to Bob Maidhof for hosting the event. The eighteen inches of snow that fell between Saturday night and Sunday morning did not stop the players from coming out. Despite the winter storm a strong turn out of thirty-two showed up. Players such as Danny Green, Mike Davis, Danny Bashavich, Jerry Slivka, Eddie Abraham, Bob Maidhof, and last year's player of the year, Matt Krah attended.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Bob Maidhof with wins over Phil Sherman, Matt Krah, Brandon Shuff, and Jerry Slivka. Maidhof and Sherman were battling it out in a close game but at the end Bob Maidhof pulled ahead 7-6 for the win. Krah was crushed in a disappointing lose against Maidhof with a final score of 2-7. Shuff and Maidhof played a good game, but as the last ball was hit into the pocket, Maidhof came out the victor 7-5. Maidhof verses Slivka was another game that went back and forth with Maidhof winning another one at the wire with a score of 7-6.

Leading the way on the bottom half of the bracket was Danny Green with wins over Lou Patrikios, Mike Miller, Danny Basavich, and Mike Davis. Green easily took care of Patrikios and Miller with wins 7-2 and 7-3. Both Davis and Bashavich put up decent fights against Green but each time Green came out the winner with scores of 7-5 and 7-6.

The play for the hot seat was between Bob Maidhof and Danny Green. In a one sided match Green came out on top with a winning score 7-3, giving Danny Green the hot seat.

Making his move on the one loss side was Mike Davis with wins over Jerry Slivka and Bob Maidhof. Each opponent of Davis struggled to come out on top, but it was no use, they each lost in close games with scores of 7-5 and 7-6, giving Davis another shot at Danny Green.

In the Finals it was between Danny Green and Mike Davis. All Davis could do was watch as Green took control of the match from the start coming out the ultimate winner with a win of 9-3.

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Complete Results:
1st Danny Green $700
2nd Mike Davis $450
3rd Bob Maidhof $325
4th Jerry Slivka $225
5th/6th Mike Miller, Henry Moore $150
7th/8th Brandon Shuff, Wes Dobson $100