Daulton wins Gulfcoast Classic Bank Ring Game

Shannon Daulton pocketed $18,000 for his ring game win

Shannon Daulton started out slow, but turned it on when it counted and won the $18,000 winner take all bank pool ring game that took place as part of the 2004 Gulf Coast Classic.

Each player put up $3,000 for the chance to win the event and it was Trumon Hogue who went out first, followed shortly after by Glen Rogers. At that time, Tony Fargo and John Brumback were way out in front of the rest with $6800 and $6700 compared to $3400 for Jason Miller and $1100 for Daulton.

Brumback dropped out next and with the game at $400 per ball, Daulton banked in 8 straight balls to take a commanding lead and eliminate Miller. Daulton had $16,900, while Fargo was at $1,100 and that turned out to be just too much of a hill to climb for Fargo as Daulton went on to win the game from there.

The One-Pocket division is getting close to being over with Marco Marquez taking the hot-seat with a victory over Mike Surber. On the one-loss side, Buddy Hall eliminated Bill Blanda and Ray Martin eliminated Ike Runnels to stay in contention.

In the bank pool division, Buddy Hall will take on Ike Runnels for the hot-seat with nine players still fighting it out on the one-loss side including Daulton, Jason Miller, Gerald Reichle, Truman Hogue, Benny Conway, Cliff Joyner and John Brumback.

In the 9-Ball division, David Grossman will face Marco Marquez for the hot-seat. Grossman beat Cliff Joyner earlier on Saturday, while Marquez defeated John Schmidt. Top players including Buddy Hall, Jason Miller, John Brumback and Benny Conway are still playing one the one-loss side.

The Bar Table 9-Ball event is winding down with Will Pay and Nat Green facing each other for the hot-seat. Cliff Joyner leads the group on the one-loss side still trying to earn the win.

A special presentation was made to tournament promoter Grady Mathews on Saturday and he was named as the first inductee into the One Pocket Hall of Fame recently created by Onepocket.org.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe