David G wins Fast Eddie’s Military Stop

Lewis Jones, Danny Almaraz, David Gutierrez and Tracey Bagley (GM)

Fast Eddie's 9-Ball Tour held its tenth event of the year at Fast Eddie's Northwest Military location in San Antonio Tx., October 9-10.

The field was a bit short as there were 46 in the open event and 14 in the ladies event.

As usual, the field was mighty and they came to play. The top picks were Charlie Bryant, David Gutierrez, Chen Lee, Sylver Ochoa, Coy Lee Nicholson, James Davis Sr. and James Davis Jr.

Finishing 9-12 were Steve “Lizard” Smith of New Braunfels, Ted Dean of Brenham, Jui Lung Chen of Dallas, and Beto Cavazos of McAllen. All played very well and fought hard.

Cory Anderson of Ft Worth and Lewis Jones of San Antonio filled 7-8th positions. Both played well and neither was ready to stop.

Filling the 5-6 positions were Charlie Mora of McAllen and Ralph Cortez. Both played some very impressive matches but were forced to leave earlier than they had wished as well.

James Davis Sr. of Bastrop finished his day in the fourth place position and as usual played very well. James is always a force to be reckoned with. To begin his weekend, he started with a loss to Beto Cavazos and was straight to the one loss side. James has been here before and is not a man to be easily rattled and quickly began his march to the money rounds with wins over, David Christal 7-5, Candy Ramos 7-6, Shane Harvay 7-5, Cory Anderson7-6, but just ran out of gas against the Hillbilly, by a score of 7-3. Still, as always, James put in quite a showing and finished with an impressive 4th place finish.

Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant is always one of the top picks and most feared players in any event. This day though, Charlie was forced to settle for 3rd place. Along the way, he scored wins over Bill Fuller, Saul Molina, Ted Dean, and Jui Lung Chen, before running into David G. who seemed to be on automatic pilot all weekend long. David won this set 9-6 and sent the Hillbilly to one loss side where he quickly dispersed James Davis Sr., 7-3, and then ran into a young man named Danny Almaraz who was having quite a weekend. Charlie lost 7-4 and headed back to Houston, but, not before collecting 3rd place money.

Danny Almaraz is without a doubt one of the classiest men one will ever meet in any walk of life. It would be hard to believe that there has ever been a bad word spoken about this man anywhere. He also just happens to be a very good 9 ball player and is not to be taken lightly, as many found out this weekend.

Danny started with wins over Neil Kahn, 9-6, Eduardo Ramirez, 9-7, Lewis Jones, 9-7,and Charlie Mora, 9-8, before running into David Gutierrez. David won the match and the winner's bracket by a score of 9-2.

Once on the left, Danny, then had to face the Hillbilly and won 7-2 and it was quickly back to the finals to face David again for all the dough.

The finals were to be a double race to 9, but David wasted no time and knew not to take Danny lightly by winning 9-3.

Congratulations to Danny on a fine showing and to David G. who always plays well. David deserved the win as he played quite solidly all weekend long.

A special thanks to all entrants who made the trip to San Antonio making this another fun tournament.

Next month we are in Houston November 19-21 at the beautiful brand new Fast Eddie's location for our last regular season event of the year and your last chance to get qualified for the December Finale.

A big thank to Tracey Bagley (GM) and to Christine (MGR) at Fast Eddie's NW Military, and their entire staff for hosting and doing such a fine job.

As always we are very grateful to our yearlong supporters who make this possible. They are Ron Geyer of Custom Cue Connection, Bubba and Steve of Cue Sales and Service, Jack and Elvie of Mystick Cues, Anne of AO Custom Cues, Barberio Music Company, Tino of Teodora's Tacos, Martin of Alamo Courier, Rueben of Alamo Pest Control, Wayne and Robert of Quality Used Cars.

Complete Results:
1st David Gutierrez $2650
2nd Danny Almaraz $1775
3rd Charlie Bryant $1000
4th James Davis Sr. $540
5th/6th Charlie Mora, Ralph Cortez $285
7th/8th Corey Anderson, Lewis Jones $120
9th/12th Beto Cavazos, Jui Lung Chen, Ted Dean, Steve Smith $80