Day One of the World Team Championships

Yesterday evening one of the biggest pool tournaments that was ever held in Europe started. Around 40 teams and 200 players from all over the world attended for the first World Team Championship in Hannover/Germany and 16 of them already played their first matches.

Overall 32 K-Steel II tables are arranged in one of the biggest halls of the Hannover fair. 16 of them are in an arena for more than 3000 spectators whilst the other 16 are practice tables in between the billards exhibition that also takes place. Besides that there are also two more fairs – one of them is the biggest Harley Davidson exhibition with loads of the most beautiful and for sure most expensive Harleys – so it is secured that thousands of peoples have the possibility to watch the matches and take a look at the billards exhibition.   

Whilst teams like the Philippines, USA, Germany 1 and also The Netherlands didn't play yesterday the most exciting match was certainly Team Canada versus Germany 2 with Oliver Ortmann and Teen-Sensation Dominic Jentsch. After more than four hours it was finally Ortmann who secured the win for his team against Jason Klatt who failed to finish the match as he missed two shots right at the end.

Jentsch played probably the best match of the whole day as he dominated Tyler Edey with an impressing 7:1 win in 10-Ball.

Besides all this good news about the tournament itself there are also some really bad news about the announced livestream. The given information is that there won't be any livestream during the week. Maybe a team from Cueball Vision ( will show up soon and record some matches. It is not clear yet how they will be broadcasted.

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