World Team Championship Day Five

On day five of the world team championships in Hannover/Germany, it was the one-loss side in action as teams fought to earn their way into the final sixteen stage of the event. The biggest surprise of the day was the elimination of the team from the Netherlands with Niels Feijen and Nick Van Den Berg who lost to the Japanese team. The asian squad was up 3:0 as Alex Lely and Huidji See made it 3:2. Feijen played a hill-hill match against Masaaki Tanaka and lost as he sat to watch his opponent  run-out the table.

Great Britain 1 had a very easy match against Israel. The match only lasted four matches as Great Britain won 4-0. At the same time the second british quartet was in the Shoot-Out against Greece and lost it 3:6. Serbia also needed the Shoot-Out to finally beat the Czech Republic.

On the other hand, Germany (4:1 vs. Croatia), Norway (4:1 vs. Morocco) and Finland (4:0 vs. Slovakia) secured their places in the final sixteen with relative ease.

Denmark killed the Canadian dreams in a very exciting match. 4:2 was the result after the six matches. Jason Klatt was ahead 6:5 in his 10-Ball match as he missed an easy seven. Kasper Thygesen took the opportunity and ran out this and the next game.

Today we also saw the first livestream. Please check out for all the needed information.

For the first time in pool-history there was a field-reporter in action who interviewed the coaches during the matches. Johan Ruijsink from the dutch team was the first “victim” of this very special and interesting world premiere.

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