Usa and Germany fall at World Team Championship Day 6

USA Out ! Germany Out ! Two of the biggest favorites fell on the sixth day of the World Pool Championship.

While Germany was eliminated by the Britain squad with a clear 4:0 the match between the US-Boys and the outsiders from Greece was one of the most exiting that took place yet. Greece was ahead 3:1 as Johnny Archer and Shane Van Boening tied the score in two close matches. The Shoot-Out was the longest of the WTC yet. After overall around 50 tries and twenty strikes it was the Greece team that finally made two in a row while Oscar Dominguez failed. The final score was 12:10 and the Greece team showed the world that the USA can be beaten indeed.

The hopes of the host country Germany is now with the second team. In a seven hour fight the Ortmann-army beat the Swedish players in a dramatic shoot-out. Thomas Luettich was the man of the game as he scored the deciding eights point to make it 8:6. Around five hundred spectators went mad and it was a bit like Mosconi-Cup-feeling.

Poland and the Russian troop are the teams in the hot seat. Poland eliminated Finland with the Iceman Mika Immonen 4:0 and Russia was in control of the Danish dynamite. These young teams from eastern Europe are tough and very difficult to beat!

Also in the quarter finals are China (4:1 over Serbia) and the surprising team of Switzerland. European straight pool champion Dimitri Jungo and his friends overrun Japan with 4:1.

Tomorrow we'll see the quarter finals and the matches are as follows:

Philippines – Poland
Russia – Germany 2
Great Britain – China
Switzerland – Greece

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