Day two and three at US Open


Days two and three of the US Open have seen their fair share of upsets and surprises.

The talk of the day on Monday was Lee Brett's hill-hill win over Ralf Souquet. Brett held a 10-7 lead but could not put Ralf away. The match went to hill-hill before Brett could win the case game and send Souquet to the one loss side.

Former US Open Champion Rodney Morris was another day two surprise as he lost his second match to Austria's Mario He. Day three was not much better for the Rocket as he saw a 5-1 lead over Rod Rentz disappear. Rentz went on to win the match 11-8 and send Rodney to the bleachers MUCH earlier than he had planned on.

The US Open has drawn a large number of players from England, and all eyes were on Phil Burford as he got things underway on Monday. Chris Bartram welcomed Burford back across the pond as he stretched a 6-5 lead over Burford to an 11-5 victory. Burford ended Tuesday with a close win over last week's Eurotour winner Nick Malaj. 

Charlie Williams looked to have the better of Germany's Ralph Eckert on Monday, but saw a 7-4 lead turn into an 11-10 loss to the German. Williams was then eliminated by Brett Stottlemyer 11-9 on Tuesday night.

Winner's side matches are on tap for Wednesday with marquee matches in every round. A sampling of those matches includes...

Mario He vs Niels Feijen
Mike Davis vs Louie Ulrich
Raj Hundal vs Nick Ekonomopoulos

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