DCC Day Two

Jose Parica

Of the original 384 bank pool entries, roughly 160 remain as we enter round four after two full days of play. Some notable bankers still undefeated are Truman Hogue, Jose Parica, Buddy Hall, and reigning champ John Brumback. Jeremy Jones and Tommy Tokoph are set to face each and deliver a first loss. Ralf Souquet gave Neal Jacobs his first loss after Souquet nearly forfeited his match when he showed up tardy.

The One-Pocket main event kicks off at noon tomorrow and is also anticipated to exceed last year's participation.

For the sixth consecutive year, the $10,000 added Straight Pool Challenge kicks off tomorrow. Players receive 12 tries at a high run starting with ball in hand. High run payouts of $300, $200, and $100 will be awarded daily, and the top eight highest runs will advance to a single elimination tournament to 100 points. Last year's winner Charlie Williams will be looking to defend his victory. This year's challenge is proudly sponsored by Bob Jewett, Diamond Billiards, Angel Levine, Stu Mattana, Ultimate10Ball.com, and Richard Burns. Anyone interested in trying their luck should stop by the challenge room or call 805.501.1660.

In addition to 14.1, the One-Pocket Challenge will also be taking place in the AzBilliards Forum room. $2,350 has been added and players receive 2 attempts for $50. This side event runs through midnight on Monday and the top four spots will be paid. See Jay Helfert for more details or to challenge.

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