DEBACLE: The 2012 U.S. Open

(DEBACLE: A sudden disastrous collapse.)

One month later and better healed mentally and physically, I want to apologize to the few U.S. Open players to whom prize money is still due. I assure you that I am drawing near to a resolution in this matter. Furthermore, I am offering no excuses whatsoever and am accepting full responsibility for this years disappointments. So with that said, I would like to humbly request that my daughter, Shannon, be left out of any postings related to this matter. It was not she who made the final determinations that led us to this point. It was me.

Although we have never tried harder, and on paper the feedback prior to the event was very positive, the old saying: “seeing is believing” rang true as the set-up and execution could have and should have been better, MUCH better. We also know without question that all future U.S.Opens will be held in a single large room with ample seating space for all.

With regards to the issues of payment I am also very aware that that is not the way to conduct business. There will never be another U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship unless all of the added monies are placed in an escrow account a minimum of 30 days prior to the event and all entry fees have been paid to the B.C.A. I admit that the players are very concerned about participating, rightfully so I might add, but this is why I have made the point of outlining guidelines for the allocation of funds. Let me repeat: In the future ALL prize monies will be held in escrow and all payments will be made at the event itself.

On another note, we may have some good news about the future as we are seeking a new venue that will better support the event so as not to have to suffer any future shortcomings. Again I will never put the players, myself, or my family in that situation again. While I still have great passion for the game I am not getting any younger and it is not healthy to continue on this way. For the sake of the event and myself, there must be a rock-solid foundation prior to the next U.S. Open or there may not be another one. I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to the players and the people who were in attendance this year who thanked me for my efforts even through failure. Also, to the people who have written not so nice things about me, I understand and feel your pain as well. Any man unwilling to accept criticism, be it good or bad, is not fit to move forward towards health and a better future. I can admit that at times I have been foolish with certain matters but a man must be able to realize his own mistakes and be willing to do whatever it takes to fix the issues. I, very simply, cannot and will not put anyone including myself through any doubt again!

My daughter and myself are pursuing a much better way to move forward. Making proper financial arrangements is our top priority and will be done before all else. This is the most important factor ahead of us and it will be treated as such in moving forward in preparations for the 38th U.S. Open. Again, I am so very sorry and people dear to me know my sincerity in my commitment to having all of the prize money as well as added funds secured and in the appropriate hands 30 days prior to the next event. My deepest gratitude to all and I wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season.

Barry Behrman

P.S. Better late than never is not an acceptable excuse anymore for the event or anyone involved. I am again so very sorry to have let so many people down over the past years and I am affected more than you know. Tomorrow is a new day and I am committed to a new path.