Deja Vu for Archer in Florida

Johnny Archer

Seeing Johnny Archer clutching the winners check from a major pool tournament is starting to get repetitive.

Archer earned his second big win this year with an undefeated run through the field of 64 players at the 4th Annual Predator Central Florida Pro Open. Archer won this same event last year with an undefeated run through the field and had his biggest problem with Josh Degler in the third round. This year, Archer drew Degler right off the bat and went hill-hill before sending Degler to the one-loss side. After that match, it was smooth sailing for Archer as he did not let an opponent win more than 6 games against him for the rest of the event.

Archer scored back-to-back-to-back 9-4 wins over Willie Massi, David Grossman and UPA Rookie of the Year Tony Crosby before 'The Rifleman' Buddy Hall was able to score 6 games against Archer. After that 9-6 win, Archer was back to the 9-4 wins with a victory over 'Hillbilly' Charlie Bryant who was having a great tournament too. Bryant went to the one-loss side and ended Danny Harriman's tournament with a 9-6 victory but Bryant had no answer for Archer in the extended finals as The Scorpion cruised to a 13-3 win.

Archer collected $5000 for first, while Bryant settled for $2500 for second place. Harriman and Charlie Williams filled out the top four places.

Follow all of the match results with our online brackets.

Complete Payouts:
1st Johnny Archer $5000
2nd Charlie Bryant $2500
3rd Danny Harriman $1650
4th Charlie Williams $1250
5th/6th Thorsten Hohmann, Buddy Hall $1050
7th/8th Mika Immonen, Rodney Morris $850
9th/12th Shannon Daulton, Tony Crosby, Edgardo Ramirez, Tommy Kennedy $600
13th/16th John Stone, Ray Martin, Corey Deuel, Josh Degler $350
17th/24th Troy Frank, Ben Zimmer, Louis Lasalle, Eric Baker, David Grossman, Tim Daniels, Richie Richeson, Miyuki Sakai $200

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe