Delaney dominates BAAT field

Rachel Delaney took two from Kelly Cavanaugh to take first place in the Bay Area Amateur tour stop on the weekend of January 23-24. The $500-added amateur event drew 25 entrants to Hammerheads Billiard Lounge in Holiday, FL.

From among the winners' side final four, Delaney sent Jessica Barnes to the one-loss side 5-1, as Cavanaugh was sending Stephanie McFarlin west 4-2. In the hot seat match that followed, Delaney took her first of two with a 5-3 win that sent Cavanaugh to the semifinals.

On the one-loss side, Margie Soash, fresh off the winners' side final eight, thanks to McFarlin, advanced past tour director Stephanie Mitchell 5-3 and Connie Mago 6-3 to pick up Barnes. McFarlin was met by Jamie Toennies, who'd defeated Bethann Ryno 5-2 and Melissa Durkin 5-4. Soash and McFarlin got into a quarterfinal re-match after they had defeated Toennies and Barnes by identical 5-1 scores. Soash enacted her measure of revenge with another 5-1 win in those quarterfinals and turned to face Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh, seeking her own rematch, stopped Soash's bid with a 4-4 win (in the handicapped format, Soash needed to reach five games) and turned back to face Delaney again. The second verse proved to be the same as the first, as Delaney took the opening set of the true double elimination final by the same score – 5-3 – that had put her in the hot seat. The win made a second set unnecessary and completed an undefeated weekend for Delaney.