Derby City Day Two

Scott Frost

AZBilliards wishes to correct an error we made in yesterday's story. We reported that 303 players participated in the Banks competition at DCC. The true number of players is 404. We apologize for our error.  

Day two continued on in the banks with by and large the expected results. The much-anticipated Banks Ring Game found Scot Frost taking down the $5,000 first prize with Troy Jones capturing the $2,000 reward for second place. This is banks country and there are players here who can ride the rails as well as any train. Not many of them get surprised but one banks king, Shannon Daulton, found himself on the wrong end of the score line when he lost his match to Shaun Wilkie. Not that that is a huge surprise but most regard Wilkie as a great 9-baller and he is not often touted as a banks man. That may now have to change. On a nearby table John Brumback (one of the perennial favorites in this discipline) rolled over Francisco Bustamante 3-1 to win their match.  

John Schmidt is in town. In practice for the 14.1 competition yesterday he ran over 230 balls on a super-tight Diamond so he may be the one to reckon with there.  
Humor always finds its place here. One competitor who had just recovered from a heart attack was teasing the tournament staff that they needed to put him up against a blind guy in a wheelchair. The staff replied that  they did not have any blind men to play against him but they could provide him with a deaf guy. He declined the offer. When Shane Van Boening was told of the incident he had a hearty laugh about it.  

And then there is the simply amazing stuff that happens. Today it was Scot Frost who did the impossible. He won his afternoon race to three banks match in 12 minutes.