Derby City Underway

2005 Derby City All Around Winner Efren Reyes

The 2006 Derby City Classic is underway with a massive 470 players competing in the bank pool division. Tournament organizers are hoping to pare that number down to 316 by the end of Friday play.

Of course, the three main events are just a small portion of the spectacle that is The Derby City Classic. The highlight of Friday night was the seven man 10-ball ring game featuring Corey Deuel, John Schmidt, Johnny Archer, Jose Parica, Robb Saez, Shannon Daulton and Charlie Bryant. Each player put up $2000 and Jose Parica walked away with the $14,000 in prize money.

A seven man bank pool ring game is scheduled for Saturday between Truman Hogue, Tony Fargo, Glenn Rogers, Shannon Daulton, Brian Gregg, Freddy Bentivegna and John Brumback.

Gabe Owen and Corey Deuel are teaming up to run an IPT qualifier satellite tournament with eight players putting up $250 to try to earn a place in the $2000 entry IPT tour qualifier.

Bob Jewett is on hand running a $10,000 added straight pool event. Players can earn spots in the finals by running 20 balls during the qualification stages. Each $50 entry earns a player 3 chances for a high run and each 20 ball run equals one spot in the finals event.

The amateurs players are also well represented with nearly 50 teams competing in the BCA amateur team event. That event had to be moved to a nearby hotel to make room for all the tables needed for the three main events.

Paul Frankel will be running a 3-cushion tournament next week and Stefano Pelinga is in attendance and will be performing trick shot exhibitions next week.

Tuesday night will feature a One Pocket Hall of Fame induction dinner put together by the good folks at More information on the dinner is available at

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe