Derby Day Six: One Pocket Nearing Conclusion

LIVE from the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Resort and Casino, Elizabeth, IN
Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: One Pocket Division
Orcollo's out 
The action began,  bright and early, with Shane and Efren in the Accu-Stats Arena. By 11am, with Reyes up 2 games to zip, it was hard for Van Boening to fade against arguably, one-pocket's greatest mover.
Still unbeaten, Shane has been running 8's and out with elegant ease. So, it's safe to say, he's at his most dangerous when there are more balls on the table.
As Shannon observed after his loss to him on Tuesday, "After playing on BIG Foot, it's like he's playing on a bar box."
Shane is aggressive and very confident. He, understandably, relies on his shotmaking, even against Efren. His demise was, with balls all over Reyes' pocket, he attempted to pound one in the length of the table when employing his safety mechanisms would have served him better.
Now, he and Efren (In the 2nd round to Jim Milazoo) have one loss.
So, has Scott Frost, to good buddy Brumback, no less, John was still in stroke from the Bank Pool Finals. He froze Frost at zero.
Francisco "Django" Bustamante vs. Jonathan "Tennessee" Pinegar was interesting. With Busty ahead 2-0 in the 3rd game, we've never seen such defense. Django had 8 fouls. The ref ran out of pennies to score them all. Winning 8 to minus 7 gave Tennessee new found stamina and Busty was on his way to the buy-back booth.
Skyler Woodward and Brandon Shuff got into a marathon, 3 hour thriller that came to a quick climax.
At 2-2, Woodward was 5 balls ahead while Shuff was -2, he ran 9 and out.
Jeremy "JJ" Jones was seen slipping quietly though the ranks. He snuck up on Frost with a 3-1. Scott was last seen practicing 9-Ball.
Shane was back on the TV table and ahead with Larry Nevel who attempting a case game 4 railer. It fell short and sank in the side. Shane's shot making came to the rescue again as, from deep in the kitchen, he back-cut the re-spotted ball into his pocket.
Van Boening then ran into Mancurian transplant Bernie Pettipiece. Manchester, England, is not exactly known for it's one-pocket. So Bernie's speed, and twang, tell that he's been Stateside for a while.
With a 3-2 win, Bernie quieted Shane's One Pocket title aspirations and he, too, was seen practicing his 9-Ball.
Busty stayed alive by sending Alex Pagulayan  to buy-back.
Huge shotmaker Mike Dechaine's one-pocket  moving has caught many off-guard. He's in the last 12, along with JJ, undefeated.
Bank Pool runner-up John Brumback commented that, "I just saw the worst skid I've ever seen." He was 2-2 with France's Stephan Cohen, on the case ball , when the World Straight Pool Champion's misfortune struck. Somewhat relieved, John, always, composed, closed out the match.
Reyes has opportunity to win an, unprecedented, 7th One Pocket title. The importance of doing well downstairs, rather than in action upstairs, is apparent as he too has been early to bed, early to rise. Stamina at 60 is harder to muster.
The Derby City Classic "Master of the Table" title is a most prestigious crown and preparation is not to be taken lightly.
The points, from wins in the 3 divisions, are accruing. At this time, there are too many competitors to count yet, you can rest assured that Shannon Daulton, like Efren, is still sticking to a more healthful regimen. Brumback, Bustamante, and Justin Hall are MoT hopefuls too..
Pagulayan and Dechaine also have eyes on the coveted accolade. With an additional $20,000 in prize money, that too always inspires motivation. 2nd gets $3,000 and 3rd, $2,000.
Brandon Shuff, Richie Richeson, Cliff Joyner, Josh Roberts, Danny Olsen, Joshua Oneal close out the last 12 in the event.
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Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: 9-Ball Division
No real upsets yet, We'll keep you posted.
The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge
Johnny Archer, Shawn Wilkie, Mike Davis, all very capable straight pool aficionados, were burning the midnight oil in a last ditch effort to capture a spot in the last 8.
As was mentioned, a lowly 100 might get you in there. John Schmidt, and last year's runner-up Constantine Stepanov, were sweating the above's efforts yet, managed to prevail.
the highest runs and final 8 are:
Shaw; 227
Mika; 224
Orcollo; 197
Van den Berg; 149
Kiamco; 145
Chinakhov; 100
Stepanov; 99
Schmidt; 99.
Jayson looks good for the $1,000 bonus money for the tourney's high run.
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