Pagulayan Captures Derby City One Pocket Division

Alex Pagulayan (Photo courtesy of David Thomson
LIVE from the Horseshoe Southern Indiana Resort and Casino, Elizabeth, IN
Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: One Pocket Division
On Thursday, January the 29th, 2015, Alex Pagulayan put together the most spectacular One-Pocket performance ever captured on tape.
If that were't enough, he made history as he became the first Triple Crown, "Grand Slam" career winner in all three DCC divisions. He had previously won the 9-Ball and the Bank Pool events. Today, he closed the deal with the One-Pocket title.
There was more history: He won 13 consecutive games without a loss. Included in that little package were four consecutive 8-and-outs followed by a 10-and-out.
The Accu-Stats arena was brimming with the pool-world's most educated audience. These spectators know their one-pocket. They'll be boasting to their grandchildren about their presence at this one.
It wasn't just about his performance; his skill, his execution, his heart. It was also about his charisma, his sportsmanship–his ability to capture the audience's attention…and their hearts.
In his match with Efren, both had one loss. Reyes had the honor of the first break in the race to 3 to see who would stay and who would go.
They parried back and forth and Efren sent the cue ball safe (so he thought) to the top of the table. Alex spied a possible combo in the stack… Craaack, as it smacked in the back of his pocket; He ran 8-and-out. 1-0.
Alex broke. Efren ran 5 and left, what would have been his 6th consecutive ball, sitting in the jaws of his pocket.
Alex, aggressive as ever, ignored Efren's dangling orb and went straight for the jugular. He banked his first ball straight back…and ran 8-and-out: 2-0.
Efren broke…and scratched! Alex ran 8-and-out.
Efren shrugged, smiled, and warmly shook the young protege's hand: Eventually, the student becomes the master.
Against Justin Hall, Pagulayan's unsurpassed prowess recurred as, at the first opportunity to attack, his 8-and-out hot streak continued. 1-0.
In game two, he took a couple of intentional fouls, got his opening…and, mercilessly, ran 10-and-out! 2-0.
Game three: Spectator's expectations ran high. After running 4, Alex's cue ball position was about a millimeter off which allowed Hall an open table.
Justin got two and, under normal circumstances, he would have cleared the table one-handed. He fell afoul of his nerves and drilled a medium distance ball straight into the rail.
Alex ran his additional 4 balls to await the undefeated Mike Dechaine.
If Alex lost, it was over. To win, Alex had to beat Mike twice.
Mike ran 5: Alex, relentless, ran 8-and-out. Soon, another 3-0 win.
They took a break and Mike visited Diamond's buy-back booth.
The second Finals had a lot more one pocket strategy including dispatching balls up-table to increase the difficulty of running out.
It was all to no avail and, to his credit, Mike did win the second game in that set. That was as far as he got. It was all Alex: 3-1.
The day's events had presented the most blistering, and memorable, One Pocket performance ever witnessed. Who knows what the future holds for this bright, shining pool star.
The All-Around, Master of the Table points are accumulating:
Shannon Daulton leads with 159.4: Alex is hot on his heels with 155.9, Efren has 149.9, Justin Hall has 147.4, Brumback has 139.4 and, Dechaine, 135.9.
Now, It's all down to the 9-Ball. The above are present and there is along way to go before we'll know who wins the additional $20,000 Diamond has committed to the All Around Champion on Saturday.
In earlier One Pocket action, which left the final five mentioned above, Justin Hall improved his All Around odds while diminishing Daulton's.
Efren owned Danny Olsen, Alex smothered Joshua Oneal. Brandon Shuff, after exiting Richie Richeson, faced the still unbeaten Mike Dechaine. Brandon, down 1-2 made a ball on the break then played safe. Dechaine saw an opening and ran 8-and-out.
Cliff Joyner gave Jeremy Jones his first loss in the 285 minute, marathon match which slowed the one-pocket schedule. Where was the Accu-Stats Shot Clock when it was needed?
Efren took care of Joyner 3-0. Justin Hall then removed JJ. Mike Dechaine put an end to Busty's hopes. Alex destroyed Josh Roberts 3-0.
Diamond Derby City Classic XVII: 9-Ball Division
310 players, interestingly, always the smallest field at DCC, were down to just under 200 at press time.
All the Master of the Table contenders were undefeated with the exception Shannon, who lost to Nederlander, and Mosconi Cup Team EUROPE member, Nick van Der Berg,
and Alex, who had fallen to Mika, hill-hill, in round one.
Shane, Dennis O, Jeff Ignacio, Lee Vann Cotrteza, Bustamante, who had a close call with Jason Klatt, and Juatin Bergman are also still without a loss.
We're taking odds on how many Filipinos will be in last 8!
That action will continue all day tomorrow and, if the schedule permits, on the Accu-Stats TV table.
The DCC Banks Ring Game will commence around 8pm
Expected to compete are wonderkind, and last year's annihilator, Skyler Woodward, Justin Hall, Alex, Busty, Shannon and Shuff. See it LIVE at
The George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge
Shaw prevailed over Schmidt, who defaulted
Mika over Konstantine Stepanov
Ruslan Chinakhov over Orcollo
Early Friday afternoon, Shaw and Kiamco will square off in the Accu-Stats Arena followed by Immonen and Chinakhov.
See it LIVE at
The Finals are scheduled for Saturday.
The prize money is 1st: $4000, 2nd; $2500, 3rd-4th: $1300, 5-8th $800.
Jayson still looks good for the $1,000 bonus money for the tourney's high run.
Diamond thanks its sponsors: The Horseshoe Southern Indiana, Cyclop Balls, Simonis Cloth, BCA Pool League, and BadBoys Billiard Productions.
Accu-Stats thanks its Arena Sponsors: Simonis Cloth, Cyclop Balls, OB Cues, Cue and Case, MEZZ Cues, Samsara Cues, and National Billiard Academy.