Deuel and Parica shine on US Open Day Four

Corey Deuel

Day four at the 29th Annual US Open closed with two great feature matches on the winners side.

In the first match, Jose Parica took control of the match and cruised to an 11-5 win over Johnny Archer. In the second feature match, Efren Reyes looked to be in control and on his way to a win over Corey Deuel before Deuel took over and scored an impressive 11-10 win over Reyes. Parica will face Thorsten Hohmann on Friday, while Deuel takes on Buddy Hall. Other marquee matches schedules for Friday on the winners side include Ronnie Wiseman vs Mika Immonen and Rodney Morris vs Gabe Owen.

On the one-loss side, five time Viking Tour Points Champion Shawn Putnam will be playing the current Joss Tour Champion Danny Basavich. Other matches on the one-loss side will see Jeremy Jones vs Allen Hopkins, Larry Nevel vs Joey Korsiak and Pooky Rasmeloungon vs Tony Chohan.

Three matches will be broadcast Friday as part of the Billiard Club Network Online PPV. Matches will be shown at 7PM and 9PM EST as well as a match at either 1PM or 3PM EST.

Online brackets are updated with Thursday results and we will have pictures in Carol Whiteside's online photo gallery on Friday.

Photo courtesy of Carol Whiteside