Deuel runs 100 at World Straight Pool Day One

Corey Deuel

Day one of the 2008 Predator World Straight Pool Championship is in the books and we have partial results (will have complete results on Tuesday).

The high run on day one belongs to Corey Deuel. Deuel sat and watched his opponent, Earl Herring, run 54 balls before Deuel got to the table. Deuel then returned the favor of forcing his opponent to sit through a long run. Corey's run was 100 and out.

Niels Feijen won his two matches of the day, including a "91 and out" to finish off Danny Harriman 100-49.

The third best run of the day belonged to Mika Immonen who ran "88 and out" in his 100-9 victory over Bobby Hunter.

Shaun Wilkie is looking good after one day of play. A 100-76 win over German Wunderkind Dominic Jentsch was followed up by a 100-8 win over Dan Heidrich.

View the results we have with our online brackets and look for complete day one results on Tuesday.