Dogfight on Day 2 of The Action Challenge 3

Shane Van Boening

Day 2 of The Action Challenge 3 presented by OB Cues featuring Shane Van Boening against Alex Pagulayan featured amazing play from both players. Shane came into day 2 leading 30 to 24 in a 10 ball race to 100 for $20,000 on a Diamond 9 foot Pro Am table. Shane came roaring out of the gate and played what many people in attendance said was the best pool they have ever seen to take a 22 game lead in the match at 64 to 42. After watching Shane catch an amazing gear for 2 hours Alex caught a gear of his own and put on an amazing display of heart and skill to end the day with a score of Shane 70 and Alex 63.

Shane will take a 7 game lead over Alex into the the final day of the race to 100 Action Challenge presented by Ob Cues that is taking place in the OB Cues TARPIT at the BCA Pool Leagues 8 ball Nationals. These 2 champions will play tonight at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern until one of them reaches 100 games and wins the $20,000 prize. You can watch the final day LIVE on streaming Pay Per View for $15 at