Van Boening takes day one lead over Frost

Shane Van Boening

July 31, 2009- Des Moines, Iowa. Fans, friends, and family from all over the country crowded into Big Dogs Billiards to witness the much anticipated heads-up challenge match between bar box phenom Scott Frost and US Open champion Shane Van Boening. This match presented by The Action Report is three day event-- 9 ball with a race to 150. The night started off with Scott taking an early lead 4-1. By the 12th rack, Shane was able to tie the match at six games a piece. For the next thirty five games or so, Shane continued to hold a small lead over Scott of about three games as they exchanged small jabs. By the 52nd rack, Shane found his break spot where he caught a gear and took off. He was also able to throw a 6 pack in the mix. At rack 67, Shane ends his multi-game domination 41-25. Scott, anxious to get on the table was finally given the opportunity close in a few more games before Shane closed out Day 1 with a lead of 50-29.

This challenge match is presented by OB Cues, CSI (Cuesports International), Fisher Custom Cues, and AZ Billiards. To see the final two days of this amazing battle between two heavy-hitting rivals, visit