Woodward Takes Day One Lead Over Orcollo

Skyler Woodward

Sky Woodward ended day one of his challenge match with Dennis Orcollo on a confident run, and is showing the fans why he has been thought of as untouchable on a bar-table for years. The race to 150 9-ball match was played on a 7’ Diamond Smart Table at Stixx and Stones Billiards in Lewisville, Texas and was broadcast online by Rackem TV. 

Early in the day, the story was a run of uncharacteristic errors by Orcollo. Multiple Orcollo scratches, both on the break and during play, gave Woodward an early lead, which he expanded on with a run of racks for a quick eight rack lead at 10-2. Orcollo had a comeback attempt halted, trailing 15-10, when a 9-ball missed the pocket, and Woodward won five in a row to hold a ten rack lead at 20-10. It was Orcollo’s turn for an extended stretch at the table next, as he went on a 12-1 run to claw back within one rack at 22-21. When the players took their extended break halfway through the days play, Woodward was holding a two rack lead at 25-23.

The second half of the match was a night and day difference from what the fans had seen before the break. Woodward came back from the break and looked like a man on a mission. He held off a small run by Orcollo and went from a 28-28 tie to a seven rack lead at 35-28. The commentators talked about how Orcollo seemed a tired at the table, and Woodward couldn’t wait to get out of his chair every time he had a chance to shoot. Woodward ended the day on a high, as he matched his earlier 10-rack lead at 46-36 and raced to the finish line for the day, holding a thirteen rack lead at 50-37. 

In news that was announced during the match, the long anticipated rematch between Orcollo and Shane Van Boening was confirmed for June 18th – 20th at Bill’s Bar & Billiards in Oklahoma City and the one pocket rematch between Tony Chohan and Chip Compton was confirmed for May 14th – 16th at Buffalo Billiards in New Orleans.

Day two of the race to 150 will start at 6pm Central Standard Time on Saturday, but “undercard” matches are expected to kick off around noon. Keep an eye on the rackem.tv and their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RackemTV for undercard announcements. 

The match is sponsored by Omega Billiards, Acme Billiards, Stixx and Stones, Muecci Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Predator Arcos II, OB Cues, Simonis Cloth,  D Reel Promotions, 8-Ball Players Club, Molina Mike, Docs Billiard Office, Dunski’s Dungeon, Aramith, Pat Diveney Cues, Rounceville, Off The Rail Apparel, James Hanshew, How Tips, Shelby Custom Cues, Digi Pool and the LBS Championship.