Woodward Over Orcollo to Remain Barbox King, Calls Out Van Boening

Skyler Woodward

It was touted as the biggest money match of modern times, and it pitted the “King of Money Matches” Dennis Orcollo against the “King of the Barbox” Skyler Woodward. In the end, there can only be one king at a time though, and the player to keep their crown after this match at Stixx and Stones Billiards in Lewisville Texas was Skyler Woodward. 

They started the third and final day of their event on Sunday with Woodward holding a narrow 100-95 lead. Although Woodward ended up winning by that same five rack margin, it was what happened in between that was so exciting. 

Both players came out showing a little fatigue from the two long days of play that they had already been through. Orcollo made up the five rack gap in a hurry and the day saw it’s first lead change at 103-102 Orcollo. Orcollo built on that lead, via a five pack (5 straight break and run wins) and started to distance himself from Woodward at 109-102. Next it was Woodward’s turn to control things as he won nine of ten racks to regain the lead at 111-110. 

Our third lead change of the day came two racks later when Orcollo pulled ahead 112-111, and the fourth lead change was two racks later with Woodward ahead 113-112. Woodward took control of things after that rack and had two different three packs as he pushed his lead to seven racks at 121-114. It almost seemed like Woodward was playing with too much pace and confidence as he missed a surprising 7-ball in the 237th rack of the weekend and Orcollo got back within five at 121-116 and took a short break. That break helped Orcollo regain control, winning another nine out of ten racks to hold a 125-122 lead at the dinner break. 

Things picked right up where they left off after the dinner break as Woodward regained the lead (lead change #5) at 130-129. Seeing the weekends finish line in sight, Woodward found a compromise between the quick pace of confidence he had been showing in streaks earlier in the match, and giving any tricky balls an extra amount of focus to assure success. He rode that compromise to a six rack lead at 135-129. 

A scratch on the break in rack 270 finally brought Orcollo back to the table and he was all business. He ran that rack, and the next four in a row, to get back within one at 135-134. Then it was Orcollo scratching on the break and Woodward jumping out of his chair for his turn to control things. Almost like a game of HORSE on the pool table, Woodward ran that rack and the next four in a row to push ahead 140-134. 

Orcollo won the next three racks and might have won more had he not left himself hooked on the one ball after the break in rack 278. Dennis pushed to a full ball jump shot that seemed to almost dare Woodward to take it on, and “take it on” he did, jumping over the blocking ball to make the one and running out for a 141-137 lead. 

After another two racks won by Orcollo (141-139), it was the “Money Match King” who appeared to crack just a little under the pressure. A kick attempt by Orcollo went very much awry in the next rack, putting Woodward back ahead 142-139 and then a low percentage thin cut/combo on the one ball by Orcollo in the next rack led to a 143-139 Woodward lead. Just a couple of racks later, it was Orcollo going for another “hero shot” and selling out the table to Woodward for a 148-142 scoreline. 

Orcollo would get back to within four at 148-144 before Woodward got to the long awaited hill at 149-144. The final exchange at the table came in rack 295 when Orcollo pushed out after being hooked after the break. It looked as if Orcollo was hoping to leave Woodward a tough jump shot, but Woodward instead went for a slight masse around the offending ball and made the two-ball. That was all Woodward needed to finish off that rack for the 150-145 win. 

Perhaps riding the high of such a big win, Woodward laid down a challenge after the match. “Shane Van Boening, you are next” said the weekends big winner. In no time at all, Van Boening (celebrating his win at the Jay Swanson Memorial) answered on Facebook with the added stipulation that the winner of a match between he and Woodward would get to shave the loser’s head on the PPV stream. The internet is already abuzz with talk of this match and who everyone likes to win it. 

The entire three day match was streamed by rackem.tv and fans will be able to watch reruns of the match early this week on the rackem.tv website. 

The match was sponsored by Omega Billiards, Acme Billiards, Stixx and Stones, Muecci Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Predator Arcos II, OB Cues, Simonis Cloth,  D Reel Promotions, 8-Ball Players Club, Molina Mike, Docs Billiard Office, Dunski’s Dungeon, Aramith, Pat Diveney Cues, Rounceville, Off The Rail Apparel, James Hanshew, How Tips, Shelby Custom Cues, Digi Pool and the LBS Championship.