Orcollo Claws Back Against Woodward

Day two of the race to 150 challenge match between Dennis Orcollo and Skyler Woodward at Stixx and Stones Billiards in Lewisville, Texas is in the books, and the two players are just about as close to even as possible. 

Woodward came into day two holding the 50-37 lead that he ended day one with and looked to be playing with the same confidence that he ended day one with. He extended his lead to nineteen racks at 57-38 before Orcollo had much of a chance to do anything at the table. Orcollo’s chance would come though, as a couple mistakes late in racks by Woodward led to Orcollo gaining some traction and he pulled back within ten racks at 57-47. 

It was then Woodward’s turn to shine, as he extended a ten rack lead at 63-53 back to nineteen racks at 75-56 as the two players went into a break. 

On day one, when the players came back from the break, it was an energetic and confident Woodward that was on display. On day two however, it was a relentless grinding Orcollo on display. If he had an open table, he ran it with ease. If he didn’t, he locked Woodward up with safety play, leaving the young American no room for escape. In seemingly no time at all, Orcollo had gone on a 24 – 5 run to knot the score at 80-80. 

Orcollo took his first small lead of the event at 83-80 but Woodward was able to feed off of his home crowd wanting to see him succeed and nosed back in front at 89-84. The two warriors found themselves once again tied at 91-91. At that point, Woodward went on his last extended run of the day, pushing ahead by six racks at 97-91, and he held on to that lead to end the day with a 100-95 lead. 

The third and final day of this battle will kick off at 6:00PM CST today and fans can catch all of the action withe the online PPV coverage at rackem.tv.

The match is sponsored by Omega Billiards, Acme Billiards, Stixx and Stones, Muecci Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Predator Arcos II, OB Cues, Simonis Cloth,  D Reel Promotions, 8-Ball Players Club, Molina Mike, Docs Billiard Office, Dunski’s Dungeon, Aramith, Pat Diveney Cues, Rounceville, Off The Rail Apparel, James Hanshew, How Tips, Shelby Custom Cues, Digi Pool and the LBS Championship.