Double J Grabs the Season Finale!

Jeremy Jones

WOW! Jeremy Jones threw a knockout punch one round after another to capture the 2003 Season Finale of the Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour held at Fast Eddie's World Class Billiards in San Antonio, Texas on November 14-16. Sixty five players qualified to compete in the Season Finale by playing in at least four of the regular season events.

Olhausen Billiards of Poway, California contributed $1000.00 to the event, PLUS, an Eclipse model pool table to be donated by drawing to a qualified player at the Finale. The drawing was done between the semifinal and final match by Lewis Jones of PKL Promotions and Mark Lewis, owner and operations manager of the Fast Eddie's billiard chain.. The lucky recipient for this beautiful table was James Davis Jr. of Austin, Texas. After his name was announced, it took us five minutes to peel him off the ceiling he jumped so high. Congratulations, James, and a special THANKS to Olhausen Billiards for their contribution, proving again, they are "The Best in Billiards."

During the drawing ceremony, Lewis Jones and Paul Blank of PKL Promotions took the opportunity to thank all it's sponsors, vendors and contributors such as Fast Eddie's, Olhausen Billiards, Richard Sauer of The Billiard Factory of San Antonio, Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection, Jack and Elvie Kompan of Mystick Cues, Terry David of Jerry Oliver Cues, Tino Lopez of Teodora's Mini-Tacos, June and Gerald Walter of Creative Vinyl Signs, Terry Ragan of Cue Sales & Service, Bill Fuller, David Henson, Big Steve, Smiley, Dan Freeman, Quinton and Wayne Richards.

Creating a lot of excitement were the two custom cues raffle and auction. Richard Sauer of The Billiard Factory of San Antonio donated a Wes Hunter cue to be raffled with the proceeds to go to the add on which was won by Dave Robinson. Terry Ragan of Cue Sales & Service of Mitchell, S. D. donated a personally autographed cue by Jeremy Jones which was auctioned to add to the prize fund. A special thanks to these two fine gentlemen for their contributions.

A great tournament took place. Finishing in the 9-12th positions were Al Mason, James Davis Sr., Rick Stanley and Candy Ramos.

The 7-8th placements went to Rigo Pena and Scott Kephart. Both players have shown great heart and improvement this year.

Grabbing the 5-6th spots were Robert Newkirk and Robert Almaraz.

David Henson again, showed what he is made of with a nice 4th place finish.

Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant, known to possess one of world's most powerful breaks, had the unfortunate luck to send object balls off the table in three separate breaks during his 7-6 loss to Sylver Ochoa in the finals of the one loss side for a commendable 3rd place finish.

The current U.S. Open Nine Ball Champion, Jeremy Jones continued his incredible year by defeating a most improved and very capable Sylver Ochoa of McAllen, Texas, 9-4.

Sylver is a fine young man and a warrior. We will be hearing his name for years to come.

Jeremy is not only a great player and competitor, but a very gracious and decent gentleman. After being mobbed all weekend by fans and supporters, he showed he is generous with his time and never turns his back to anyone. He is a true Champion!

As they say, The Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour 2003 is in the books. It's been fun and exciting. We look forward to 2004. From Paul and Lewis of PKL Promotions, Thank you all for a great year!

Total Payouts:
1st Jeremy Jones $4070
2nd Sylver Ochoa $2695
3rd Charlie Bryant $1990
4th David Henson $1360
5-6 Robert Newkirk, Robert Almaraz $785
7-8 Rigo Pena, Scott Kephart $230
9-12 Al Mason, James Davis Sr., Rick Stanley, Candy Ramos $120