Dunne Double Dips Lucky Break Maxim Billiard Tour Event

Mike Jones, Ryan Dunne and Jonathan Hennessee

April 16-17th, 2011  The Maxim Billiards.com Amateur Tour was hosted at Lucky Break in Manchester, TN.  The Lucky Break is owned and operated by Jonathon Hennessee and Amanda Townsend.   The Maxim Billiards.com Amateur Event kicked off on Saturday with it's $1000 Added 9-Ball Tournament that hosted 46 entries and finished up on Sunday.  Sunday would kick off  The Maxim Billiards.com Amateur Tour's $500 Guaranteed 8-Ball Tournament and host an additional 14 entrants.  The weekend would see entrants take home $3480 in prize fund monies as the tournaments wound down.

Ryan Dunne would lay claim to first place in The Maxim Billiards.com Amateur Tours 9-Ball event after he made his way through bottom of the bracket to the finals where he would double dip Mike Jones to claim first place.   Dunne began his bid for first by defeating Tony Daniel 9-2; Brent Jackson 9-5;  Dunne would be sent to the left side of the chart with a loss to Joey Sanson 9-6.  Dunne worked his way back by eliminating the following Adam Alsup 9-7; Charlie Lane 9-5; Chris Perhealth 9-4; Robert Ohashi 9-7 and Joey Sanson in the semi finals 9-7;  Once in the finals Dunne defeated Jones 9-5 in set one and 9-7 in set two to claim the win.

The Maxim Billiards.com Amateur Tour's 8-Ball Tournament kicked off on Sunday afternoon and offered up a $500 guaranteed prize fund.   Warren Johnson claimed first place in the 8-Ball Event.  Johnson drew a bye in round one and proceeded to defeat JT Smith 5-1; Billy Jackson 5-4; Jason Jahoples 5-4 and Billy Jackson 5-4 in set one of the double elimination format finals.

The cue raffle held at the Lucky Break was won by Tony Daniels.

The Maxim Billiards.com Amateur Tour staff would like to wish Hennessee and Amanda all the luck in the world with their new pool room.

The Maxim Billiards.com Amateur Tour will be in Atlanta, GA on May 7th-8th at Mr. Cues II.  We hope to see you there.

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