McCreesh and Reyes Snag Maxim Billiard Tour Event Wins

Justin Daniels, Conrad Coffman, Ryan McCreesh

March 19-20, 2011- The Maxim Billiards Tour was hosted by Blue Fox Billiards in Winchester, VA.  The weekend would kick off with The Maxim Billiards Tour's Open 9-Ball Event and would be followed up by The Maxim Billiards Tour's $1000 Guaranteed Prize Fund 8-Ball event, both events would finish up Sunday night.

The Maxim Billiards Tour Events would host 86 participants and payout $3110 in prize monies.

The Maxim Billiards Tour $1000 Added 9-Ball event was won by Ryan McCreesh.  McCreesh began his bid for first place in the top of the bracket by sending the following to the one loss side:  Joey Arbuckle 7-4; Edward Nowakoski 7-3; before he was defeated by Ryan Ellifritz 7-2.  McCreesh would work his way back to the finals by defeating Dan Madden 7-3; Jimmy Rose 7-4; and Ryan Ellifritz in the semi finals 7-3.  Once in the finals McCreesh would face off against Justin Daniels winning set one 7-2 and for the win defeating Daniels in set two 7-4.

Justin Daniels finished second after making his way undefeated into the hot seat.  Daniels would start off the tournament in the bottom of the bracket drawing a bye in round one and proceeding to send the following to the one loss side: Clyde Newill 7-0; Sean Sporleder 7-3; Brent Hensley 7-4; Ryan Ellifritz 7-0,  before he faced McCreesh who would comeback in the finals to win the tournament.

Sunday would feature The Maxim Billiards Tour $1000 Guaranteed 8-Ball tournament, with the low economy buster entry fee of $20, that was won by Rudy Reyes.  Reyes would began his trek to first in the top of the bracket and make his way undefeated to 1st place by defeating the following: John Tranum 5-1; Dale Brooks 5-2; Edward Nowakoski 5-2; William Swanger 5-2; Reggie Jackson 5-2; Dan Madden 5-2 and in the finals Reyes would take the win in set one 5-4.

The Maxim Billiards Tour staff would like to thank Conrad Coffman and his staff at Blue Fox Billiards for hosting the event.  Blue Fox Billiards is located in Winchester, VA with easy highway access.  They feature 9 foot Diamond tables that are always maintained in optimal playing condition and offer a full bar and restaurant so if you make your way to Virginia be sure and check out Blue Fox Billiards you won't be disappointed.

The Maxim Billiard Tour staff would also like to thank all of the players that continue to support our sport and help make our events successful.

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