Engert takes Big Apple hot-seat

Thomas Engert

Thomas Engert might have come up a little short earlier this week at the Challenge of Champions, but he is taking out that frustration on the all-star field at the Big Apple 9-Ball Challenge.

Engert took the hot-seat on Saturday with a 10-8 victory over countryman Ralf Souquet. Prior to the match with Souquet, Engert defeated Robb Saez by the same 10-8 score. Engert will start the day Sunday waiting for an opponent in the finals.

That opponent will either be Ralf Souquet or Niels Feijen as they will meet Sunday morning in the semi-finals. Feijen dropped a hill-hill match to Danny Basavich on the winners side, but has come back with one-loss side wins over Frankie Hernandez, Francisco Bustamante, Efren Reyes, Jose Parica, Basavich and Tony Crosby. Three of Feijen's last five matches went to the hill before Feijen pulled out the wins.

Online brackets are updated and we have a photo gallery online from Diana Hoppe who is at the event. Look for more pictures to be posted on Sunday as well as final results.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe