Estevan goes undefeated to win his first major tournament on Simonis Cloth Classic Tour stop


Bernardo Estevan won his first major tournament with an undefeated run through 59 entrants, on hand for a stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour on the weekend of January 19-20. The $1,500-added event drew those 59 entrants to Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, GA.

According to tour director Mike Janis, the tour's format, dictating a combination of both 8-ball and 9-ball games over the course of a potential 17 game (race-to-9) match (seven 8-ball games and 10 9-ball games) worked in Estevan's favor. Being stronger in 8-ball, he was able to take advantage of that in every match to eventually secure the event title. Estevan advanced to the winners' side final four and met up with Aaron Frady, as Jordan Grubb squared off against John Maikke in the other winners' side semifinal. It was Estevan and Grubb advancing to the hot seat match, after identical 9-5 victories over Frady and Maikke. A double hill battle ensued, which eventually left Estevan in the hot seat, and Grubb on his way to the semifinals.

On the loss side, Scooter Goodwin was in the midst of a four-game winning streak that would eventually see him battle Grubb in those semifinals. He'd been defeated by Maikke among the final eight winners. He survived a double hill match versus Bucky Souvanthong, and defeated Matt Bulfin 9-7 to pick up Frady. Maikke drew Brandon Williams, who'd gotten by Justin Kaleb (formerly known as Israel Hightower) 9-4, and Jay Causey 9-4.

Goodwin handed Frady his second straight loss 9-6, and turned for a re-match against Maikke, who'd ended Williams' tournament bid with a 9-7 win. Goodwin's winning streak came to an end with a double hill, 'vengeance is sweet' win over Maikke in the quarterfinals. Grubb, though, intent on his own re-match versus Estevan, dropped Goodwin 9-5 in the semifinals. 

Estevan complete his undefeated run through the field with a 9-4 victory over Grubb in the finals. It was his first major tournament win.

Tour director Mike Janis thanked the ownership and staff at Mr. Cues II for their hospitality, as well as Steve Lomax (on-site for cue repairs over the weekend) and sponsor Simonis Cloth. The next stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour is a $1,500-added event, scheduled for February 23-24 at The Rail, in Athens, GA.