First DCT event in 2009 was a ball – 8-Ball, that is

Undaunted by things like a national economic crisis and rising gas prices, 49 proud pool players from all across Arizona, plus from other parts unknown, descended upon Kolby’s Corner Pocket in Tempe for the first stop on the 2009 Arizona Desert Classic Tour.

This first DCT event of the season featured 8-Ball on 9-ft. Brunswick Gold Crown tables with tough, 11.05-rated pockets. In other words, it wasn’t your typical bar room 8-ball banger’s cup o’ tea. No sir, this event was for serious pool players, only.

Despite the absence of Scott Frost, who was out of action due to being the recipient of a severe wound as the result of a bite from a poisonous spider (no kidding), the field was full of talent. Along with many of Arizona’s top cue slingers, several sharpshooters from neighboring states came to take a shot at this weekend’s prize money, plus get a fast start in the DCT’s annual points race.

In addition to the well-known big dogs on hand, many lesser-known and lesser-established players came out to take advantage of a staggered entry fee system that was introduced by the DCT this year. Through this new system, A-players (AZ 10’s) pay $70, B-players (AZ 8’s and 9’s) pay $50, and C-players (AZ 7’s and below) pay $35, to play. The new entry system is, of course, meant to entice lower-rated players to come out and cut teeth of their own while swimming in a “pool” full of sharks. And apparently, it worked.

Adroitly organized and presented by Dennis Orender and Jimmy Mendoza of the DCT, this tournament went off without a hitch. Excellent equipment, facilities and services were provided by Jimmy Jo Langston and his superb crew at Kolby’s, making the weekend relaxing and enjoyable for players and fans, alike.

As the chaff was separated from the wheat, these are the players who made it to the “dough.”

1st    Leil Gay
2nd   Gus Briseno
3rd    Bryan Begay
4th    Brett Huth
5-6th Dennis Orender, Tres Kane
7-8th Bernie Pettipiece, George Teyechea

The next stop will be March 21- 22 at Bull Shooters in Phoenix. The game will again be 8-Ball, but this time it will be played on bar tables.