First Ten Players Announced For Cue It Up Online 10-Ball Event

Neight Mindham has announced the first ten players for his upcoming “Cue It Up VG 10-Ball Championships”, scheduled to take place September 29th – October 13th. 

This event will feature thirty two of the top professional players in the world competing in four player round robin qualifiers, leading to a 12 player single elimination bracket. Players will be playing 10-ball against the ghost, streaming from their individual locations. All matches will be streamed online for free from the Cue It Up Billiards Podcast Facebook page. 

The latest player to be announced for this event is Filipino superstar Roberto Gomez. Gomez joins World Champions Kelly Fisher, Albin Ouschan and Fedor Gorst, as well as Eklent Kaci, Jayson Shaw, Naoyuki Oi, Alex Kazakis, Denis Grabe and Tyler Styer. More players are being announced daily on the Facebook page.