Frost Fights for One-Pocket Title at Derby

Scott Frost (Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe)

289 arrived, only one survived. The Derby City Classic one-pocket champion is a highly acclaimed title that any top player would love to have on their resume. Making it to the finals at a DCC event one time is a feat but to do it back to back is truly an accomplishment. The one-pocket division is the second main event to wrap up and once again we see a familiar face in the finals.

Last year, “The Freezer” Scott Frost went undefeated into the finals until he met up with straight pool expert “Mr. 400” John Schmidt. This year, we saw the likes of Frost as he faced Texas terror, Sylver Ochoa. Ochoa is also no stranger to the finals, finishing runner-up in the 2008 banks division.

Ochoa's road to the finals include wins over Adam Smith, Shannon Daulton, and newcomer Nick Vita. Vita was the final player to remain undefeated through round 10 before receiving consecutive losses from Frost and Ochoa. Frost dished out some goose eggs on his way, including 3-0 victories against Sam Monday, Adam Smith, and Alex Pagulayan.

In the finals, Ochoa won the lag and made a ball on his opening break. The two players were incredibly patient. Neither took a careless shot. Nearly three hours later, a champion would be crowned. After some strategic moving, Frost played an attempted safety which left Ochoa a long cut at his pocket. Frost had a ball near his hole. Ochoa knew that shooting at his pocket would bump Frost's ball but he inadvertently pocketed it, that would be the final ball Frost needed for the match.
1st     Scott Frost     $12,000
2nd     Sylver Ochoa     $6,000
3rd     Francisco Bustamante     $2,500
4th     Corey Deuel     $1,800
5th     Nick Vita     $1,800

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