Getting Close to the End at the U.S. Open

The giant-killing has begun at the U.S. Open, some in spectacular fashion as the heavyweights begin to face one another in the arena. Lee Van Corteza had been having an easy time of moving through the field until he came up against a reinvigorated Johnny Archer. Archer dismantled him like a toy and won 11-1.

Archer's next match will be a doozy. He faces Jayson Shaw and Shaw has reason to be confident as he has also been on cruise control this week having little trouble beating the likes of Charlie Williams and Tommy Kennedy.

Another great matchup today will be Oscar Dominquez and Niels Feijen. Feijens' last win was against none other than Darren Appleton 9-2 while Dominquez comes into the room after coming from 5-2 behind against Keith Bennett to win 11-6.

Mike Dechaine beat Corey Deuel 11-7 and today faces Chris Melling after Melling took out Karl Boyes 11-5 and Jeremy Sossei goes up against Shane Van Boening. Everywhere you look on the charts this morning there are great matches. To say the least, this will be a very interesting day!

Follow the live stream action at and stay up-to-date on everything at the Open by following the live scoring and brackets here on AZB. Those players that survive this day will come back on Saturday to determine our Champion. This year whomever gets the crown will certainly be most deserving.