Giants Tumble in Norfolk

Tuesday was the beginning of the days at the U.S. Open where champions clash. Karen Corr's run out to the right ended narrowly when Jayson Shaw beat her 11-10, Carlo Biado took down Thorsten Hohmann 11-3 as Oliver Ortmann defeated Jung-Lin Chang 11-6.

Albin Ouschan continues undefeated as he got past Dennis Grabe 11-4 and Mika Immonen bested Martin Daigle 11-6. Karl Boyes sent Skyler Woodward left 11-6 and J.H. Dang won out over Dennis Orcollo 11-8. Warren Kiamco continues as he passed Jason Klatt 11-9 and Ralf Souquet continues his great play with a victory over Nikos Ekonomopoulos 11-6. Mike Dechaine dominated John Morra 11-2 and Corey Deuel fell 11-6 to the power of Y.H. Cheng. Justin Bergman made his Mosconi Cup declaration clear with a powerful win over defending three-time champion Shane Van Boening 11-7. Finally, Rodney Morris took out Nick Van Den Berg 11-7 and Ruslan Chinakov came out on top over Darren Appleton 11-8.

Some truly great players have already hit the exits after finding their second loss. The list of notables who must wait another year includes Scott Frost, P.C. Ko, Frankie Hernandez, Amar Kang, Imran Majid, Oscar Dominguez, Ernesto Dominguez, So Shaw, Allen Hopkins, Tom D'Alfonso, Tommy Kennedy and Raj Hundal.

Powerful matches lie ahead. Jayson Shaw will take on Carlo Biado, Oliver Ortmann faces Albin Ouschan, Warren Kiamco will stare across the table at Ralf Souquet, and Rodney Morris will do battle with Ruslan Chinakov.

On the one-loss side of the charts the desperate ones will fight for survival. Here we find Ko Pin-Yi awaiting Kenichi Uchigaki, Tony Drago prepares for Jeremy Sossei, Mike Davis will war with friend Johnny Archer, Stevie Moore must face Justin Hall and Earl Strickland will cue up against Jeffrey Ignacio. Shaun Wilkie awaits David Alcaide, Brandon Shuff is loading up for Kevin West, and Jundal Mazon will take on Michael Wong.

For the rest of the week the matches will just get tougher and tougher. Which means it is a good time to slide over to and purchase the remaining pay-per-view. The sound problems noticed earlier in the week have been solved and the broadcast is now pristine with nothing but world-class matches in every round.