Ginky wins Blaze Tour Stop 6

George San Souci

Leisure Time Billiards hosted the 6th stop of the Blaze 9 Ball Tour. 39 player made the trip, players like George San Souci (also known as Ginky), Al Lapena, Danny Basavich, Evgeny Stalev, Joe Cutler, Sean Morgan, Joey Korsiak, Eddie Vazquez, Carmen Lombardo and Eric Grasman to name a few.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Ginky with wins over Darwin Vergara 7-0, Sean Morgan 7-4, Oscar Bonilla 7-4 and Danny Basavich 7-6.

Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Al Lapena with wins over Billy Kirshner 7-5, Joey Korsiak 7-5, Evgeny Stalev 7-1 and Carmen Lombardo 7-4.

Fighting for the hot seat was Ginky Vs Al Lapena. This was a great match that went hill hill with Ginky winning the last game off a great safe, giving him the hot seat and sending Lapena to the one lost side.

On the one loss side it was Danny Basavich vs Al Lapena in another great match that went back and forth with Lapena winning the match late 7-5 giving him another shot at Ginky.

In the finals it was a rematch with Ginky Vs Al Lapena, Ginky took control of the match mid way and never looked back, winning the match 11-8.

Final Results:
1st George San Souci $700
2nd Al Lapena $500
3rd Danny Basavich $350
4th Sean Morgan $300
5th/6th Eric Grasman, Carmen Lombardo $225
7th/8th Joey Korsiak, Eddie Vazquez $150