Gulyassi and Middlebrook win Columbus Viking Stop

Mike Gulyassi

December 8th and 9th The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was in Columbus, GA at Player's Billiards where a total of 87 players came out to compete in the events. In the Open Division there were 40 Players and 47 in the Amateur Division. The Event had 20 free Women participants this weekend along with 2 Military and 23 Pool League Player that took advantage of the Viking Tours discount programs that are geared to bringing new players into tournament competition and enhance the growth of cuesports.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour had a total payout of $6000 in both events. The payouts are as follows.

The Open Division payouts:

1st Mike Gulyassy $1450
2nd Mic Dawson $860
3rd George Rothrock $500
4th JR Rossman $350
5th/6th Tommy Gilmore $130
Clay Medlock $130
7th/8th Billy Tyler $80
Marcus Byrom $80

The pathway to the Finals in the Open Division:

Mike Gulyassy rolled thru the top half of the bracket undefeated sending all of his opponents to the one loss side, he began his journey with a bye in the first round and went on to face and defeat Drew Underwood 7-1; Matt Bulfin 7-5; Craig Houghton 7-6; Tommy Gilmore 7-0; George Rothrock 7-2; he then faced Mic Dawson in the finals defeating him 7-5 to win the Open Division.

Mic Dawson took 2nd place and was sent to the one loss side after 3 rounds where he had to eliminate several players to return to face Mike Gulyassy in the finals. Dawson began the Division with a bye and defeated Marcus Byrom 7-3; Billy Tyler 7-5; before he was defeated by JR Rossman 7-4; sending him to the one loss side where he defeated Billy Holmes 7-3; Marcus Byrom 7-4; Tommy Gilmore 7-5; JR Rossman 7-2; George Rothrock 7-4; setting him up to face Mike Gulyassy in the finals.

The Amateur Division Payouts:

1st Jesse Middlebrook $950
2nd Clay Medlock $600
3rd Billy Tyler $325
4th Randy Johnson $205
5th/6th Matt Bulfin $100
Jack Karowski $100
7th/8th Randy Lee $70
Bryant Walker $70

The Pathway to the Finals:

Both Jesse Middlebrook and Clay Medlock remained in the Winner side of the Bracket until they faced in the quarter finals. Middlebrook in the bottom half of the bracket faced and defeated David Weise 5-2; Judy Eakins 5-1; Christain Walters 5-2; Billy Tyler 5-3; Randy Jordan F-L; Clay Medlock 5-4; Middlebrook went hill/hill in the finals against Medlock beating him 5-4 to win the Amateur Division.

Medlock in the top half of the bracket defeated Ronnie Yarbrough 5-0; Ellen Hale 5-4; Dustin Byrd 5-3; David Shelton 5-3; Jack Karowski 5-3; setting him up to face Middlebrook in the Quarterfinals where he was defeated 5-4 by Middlebrook sending him to face Billy Tyler in the Semifinals where he was victorious 5-0 sending him back to face Middlebrook in the finals where he went hill/hill 5-4 to take 2nd place against Middlebrook.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank all the players that participated and supported event and Player's Billiards.