Hillbilly Wins The Austin Fast Eddie’s Event


The Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9-Ball Tour held it's 7th event of the year on July 8-9th in Austin, Texas. The Fast Eddie's in Austin has always proved to host a huge event. 122 players poured in to participate in the two divisions.

Top picks were, Marco Marquez, James Davis Sr., Charlie Bryant, Jui Lung Chen, Kenny Greer, Robert Clarke, and Junior Jueco.

Finishing in 17-24th place were Eric Molina, Ray Baca, Corey Dordek, Donovan Bragg, Kenny Greer, Carlos Cruz, Rod Gustafson, and Brad Bishop. Each played well in a very tough field. Bill Hyde, Robert Newkirk, Daniel Perez, and Robert Stewart finished 13-16 and knew they had been in a battle.

Ending their weekend in the 9-12 slots were Chuck Adams, James Davis Sr. Jason Alvarez, and Casey Armor. None of these were ready to stop, as each played some tremendous matches.

Robert Clarke played well all weekend, but was forced to settle for 7-8th. Robert plays very well. Jui Lung Chen is always a crowd favorite and also shared the 7-8th spots. Chen, will remember this as the weekend he became a father. He is the proud father of a baby boy. He found out as soon as his final match was over and was all smiles. Congratulations to Chen and Elisa.

Al Mason and Daniel Coffman battled hard to finish 5-6th and both looked as if they were really having a good time. Al has been around a long time and can really keep a crowd going. Daniel has worked hard on his 'game' and it is showing. He is improving with each tournament.

Fred Gardner just kept on ticking his way through the brackets and finished an impressive fourth place. Afterwards, Fred said, "This sure is a tough way to make a buck!" He played well.

J. P. Lopez is an Austin native and a crowd favorite. J. P. is not real flashy or loud, but just a solid and herd working pool player. He finished 3rd by handling Ruben Jimenez, Kenny Greer, Carlos Cruz, James Davis Sr., and Daniel Coffman. He, then, played Charlie Bryant for the hot seat and was forced to the finals of the one loss side where he met Marco Marquez. Marco proved a little much this day and J.P. was forced to settle for a nice 3rd place finish.

Marco Marquez is a very solid all around player and well known all over the country. He began his weekend with wins over Andy Twitchen, Chelo Isael and Fred Gardner before being sent by Al Mason to the left side in a hill-hill match in which had everyone on the edge of their seats. Once on the one loss side, Marco went quietly back to work by defeating Bill Hyde, James Davis Sr., Robert Clarke, Al Mason and JP Lopez to face the 'Hillbilly' in the finals.

Charlie Bryant showed up in true form and looked really focused for this event. He is no doubt getting himself ready for the IPT event later in the month in Las Vegas. Charlie began with wins over Jacob Cashion, Pat Castro, Scott Kephart, Robert Clarke, Casey Armor, and Al Mason and won the hot seat by defeating J.P. Lopez.

The finals came down to Marco Marquez and Charlie Bryant. This could be anybody's match, but today it was all Charlie by a score of 9-5. Congratulations to Marco and Charlie for a great final match and a great finish. Everybody really enjoyed themselves.

A special thanks to all players as this was a fun event and the whole crowd seemed to have a great time.

A special thanks to Olhausen and Schuler Cues for allowing this to happen. Your ongoing support is simply tremendous. Thanks to Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection, Jack and Elvie Kompan of Mystick Cues, Royce Bunnell of OB-1 Cueshafts, Tino Lopez of Teodora's Mini Tacos and Brian Hannah of MBN Billiards. This doesn't happen without all your great support. Thank to Fast Eddies and their staff for a great job. As always, you are a great host. Last, but hardly least, to Fast Eddies ownership and Mark "Big Lew" Lewis for allowing this to happen!

Our next event is in Houston on August 12-13th at the Fast Eddie's on I-45 South at Fuqua. See y'all there!

Complete Results:
1st Charlie Bryant $2760
2nd Marco Marquez $1760
3rd J. P. Lopez $1350
4th Fred Gardner $970
5th/6th Al Mason, Daniel Coffman $640
7th/8th Robert Clarke, Jui Lung Chen $410
9th/12th Chuck Adams, James Davis Sr., Jason Alvarez, Casey Armor $300
13th/16th Bill Hyde, Robert Newkirk, Daniel Perez, Robert Stewart $120
17th/24th Eric Molina, Ray Baca, Corey Dordek, Donovan Bragg, Kenny Greer, Carlos Cruz, Rod Gustafson, Brad Bishop $80