Hohmann wins Lucasi 14.1 Event

Thorsten Hohmann

Thorsten Hohmann has won the Lucasi Hybrid Invitational Classic 14.1 event.

Hohmann was relatively untested in the early stages of the event and cleared his first three matches with a bye followed by dominating wins over David Broxson and Tommy Najar. Those three wins earned him his spot in the final sixteen redraw.

A 150-85 win over Stevie Moore was followed by a 150-51 win over John Schmidt. David Grossman was next to fall to Hohmann, by the score of 150-26.

Hohmann's opponent in the finals, was a man not unfamilar with the game of straight pool, Mika Immonen.

The final race to 200 match saw Immonen come out of the gate strong and put together two 50 ball runs on his way to an early 112-3 lead. But 14.1 is all about long runs, and Hohmann took control with a 167 ball run of his own.

Both players tightened up a little as they neared the finish line, but in the end it was Hohmann with a 200-156 win and first place in the event.

Hohmann earned $2500 for first place, while Immonen settled for $1250. Dennis Orcollo and David Grossman tied for 3rd and pocketed $800 each.