Ismael Ramirez Wins Eleventh Event On Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Sponsored By Ray Schuler Legacy Cues

Sylver Ochoa And Ismael Ramirez

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues held its eleventh and final regular season event November 18-19 at the Embassy location in San Antonio Tx. The open event yielded 89 players from the region and, as usual, it was a tough and very competitive field.

Top picks were Al Mason, David Gutierrez, Jui Lung Chen, Sylver Ochoa, and Danny Almaraz.

Finishing in the 13-16 positions were Vivian Villareal, Bill Fuller, Tracy Sanders and Buddy Chilton. Each played well. The 9-12 spots were filled by Daniel Coffman, Shane Waltrip, Robert Newkirk and Robert Stewart. All these fellows turned in nice performances.

Jui Lung Chen and Bill Regalis finished 7-8th and played hard to get there. There are no “givens” in today's 9 ball. In doing so, did Chen win Player of The Year? Come to the December Finale and find out.

James Davis Sr. is also in the hunt for Player of the Year and managed a nice 5-6th place finish along with, new to the tour, Ali Affas. Both played very well. Ali played so well; he had some looking on the internet to find out exactly who he is. He resides in San Antonio and recently moved here from Germany. We will hear more from him

J.P. Lopez is not new to the “pool scene” in Texas, but not quite as active as he used to be. Still, he not forgotten much about the game and is always a formidable opponent. He played well and took 4th place. Nice outing.

Al Mason is a Texas legend and is always one of the most entertaining. One might add, he is one heck of a 9 ball player. For his efforts Al went home with 3rd place. Nice job.

The finals were set Sylver Ochoa defeated Al Mason forcing a rematch with Ismael Ramirez who had rather quietly won the hot seat..

Ismael has a rather slow gait, just his style of play, but still, he was playing very well. Sylver opened up with a 7-4 lead, but just made too many errors in the early morning hours. Ismael began his march and brought the score to hill-hill and made a very strong out in the final game. It was late and both were glad to bring it to an end.

Congratulations to both Sylver and Ismael. Both are class acts and fine players.

Again, a big thanks to Fast Eddie's Embassy staff and crew. Summer Bowen runs a first class operation and maintains a superb staff.

To Olhausen and Schuler Cues, it has been another great year and your participation and generosity makes it even more so.

Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection, Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Robbie Timms of Behind the 8-Ball, Joe Salazar of Connoissuer of Custom Cues, and Tino Lopez of Teodora's Tacos are always there and very supportive. The tour is really fortunate to have you all.

Last, but hardly least, thanks to Fast Eddie's and especially Mark Lewis. This concluded our fourth year and the Tour continues in 2007. I am still reminded of something Mark {Big Lew} Lewis said when asked why he supports the tour and he replied, “It just seems like the right thing to do.”

The December 2-3 Season Finale will be held at Fast Eddie's N.W. Military location. Remember, you had to have only played in one regular season event to qualify for the Finale this year. Come one, come all and let's have a GREAT Finale..

Complete Results:
1st Ismael Ramirez $3930
2nd Sylver Ochoa $2570
3rd Al Mason $1770
4th J. P.Lopez $1190
5-6th Ali Affas, James Davis Sr. $660
7-8th Jui Lung Chen, Bill Regalis $490
9-12th Daniel Coffman, Shane Waltrip, Robert Newkirk, Robert Stewart $195
13-16th Vivian Villareal, Bill Fuller, Tracy Sanders, Buddy Chilton $150