Jamie Toennies Takes First Victory on Tiger Bay Area Amateur

On November 1, 2008, the Tiger Bay Area Amateur made its way to Corner Pocket in Largo, Florida.  The weekend ended on quite a positive note for Jamie Toennies as she became the one to beat.  Toennies tasted what it felt like to be at the top of the group just recently at the October 11th event where she secured a respectable third place finish behind Diana “Dee” Minor and Leslee Davis-Blaikie – no doubt that gave her the confidence necessary to propel to a stop victory.

Davis-Blaikie managed to steal the hot-seat away from Toennies in a big way 9-2, but that didn't put a damper on Toennies.  On the one-loss side, the ladies were working their way through the brackets.  The quarters saw Michell Monk meet up with Stephanie Mitchell – this was a re-match from earlier in the day.  Mitchell got the crummy hand in that match, but came back and overcame Monk 6-3 this time around to make it into the semis with Toennies.  In the semis, it was obvious Toennies was chomping at the bit to get back for her own grudge match of sorts, so Mitchell ended up being just another stepping stone for her in the long run as she advanced.

With this being the first time Toennies was in the final round, you would think the pressure would hinder her performance, but that just wasn't the case on this date.  The first set saw Toennies come out on top 5-2 over Davis-Blaikie forcing a second since this was a true double elimination event.  Davis-Blaikie didn't allow her to just run over her the second set though, instead she kept the race tight the entire time, but Toennies grabbed the victory with a 5-5 (handicapped) win.

Special thanks to the owners of Corner Pocket and to the tour's wonderful sponsors who help make the events possible such as Tiger Products, www.Furycues.com, StrokeItWear, StrokInStyle and many others!

The season's grand finale is next up at Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor, Florida, on December 6th.  To attend, you must have played in two events during the season.  For more information on the tour visit www.baattour.com