Two In a Row for Dee Minor on Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour

Diana Minor

The Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour headed out to Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor, Florida, on October 11, 2008, for their most recent $500 added event.  The field began with fifteen players and ended with a battle for the first place designation.

The winner's side final four came down to Jamie Toennies/Connie Mago and Dee Minor/Leslee Davis-Blaikie.  The hot-seat ultimately ended up with Toennies and Minor playing, with Minor sealing the deal 8-3.

The one-loss side reflected the final eight left flexing their muscles to be:  Stephanie Mitchell (d. Bettina Chase 6-4); Heather Cook (d. Lisa Parsons 5-3); Connie Mago (d. Melissa Morlan 5-3); and Stephanie McFarlin (d. Lana Loomis 6-2), which proceeded into the next rounds to determine who would get the opportunity at Minor.

The following round knocked out a couple more faces in the way of Mitchell over Cook 7-1, then Sabra MacArthur Beahn 5-4; and Mago besting McFarlin on the hill 5-4 prior to her loss to Leslee Davis-Blaikie 9-3.  This brought the one-loss side to the quarters where Mitchell and Davis-Blaikie would lock horns – unfortunately for Mitchell, this was the end of the road for her at 7-3.

The semis pitted Jamie Toennies and Davis-Blaikie against each other, but Toennies didn't have a chance – Davis-Blaikie dominated the set 9-0 to hop into the final round with Minor.  In the finals, the matches were split – Davis-Blaikie stole the first set 6-3 and the second went to Minor 5-3 ensuring her win.  

Only two events left this season, one of which is the season finale that you must have attended two events prior to attend.  The schedule is as follows:

Corner Pocket
Largo, FL
November 1, 2008
$500 added

Grand Finale
Strokers Billiards
Palm Harbor, FL
December 6, 2008
$2250.00+ added event

Thanks to the tour sponsors Tiger Products,, Strok-In-Style gloves, Ray Martin, Stroke It Wear, Old Chicago and ID card express.  For more information on the tour, visit A note from the tour, welcome back Lana – she returns after a broken shoulder injury – glad to have you return to compete!