Hurricane Dee Returns to Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour

Dee Minor

Dee Minor Flew back into town from Indiana to stir things up at the Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour stop at Side Pockets in Largo, FL. Sixteen other women joined her in an effort to take home the first place prize in the $500 added event.

Stacey Lantz appeared to have that task handled as she slashed her way through the board to the hotseat. Along the way she had wins over Jamie Toennies, Stephanie McFarlin and Connie Mago who finished in 5th place and received $50. For "Queen of the Hill" she matched up against veteran player, Sabra MacArthur Beahn. She skillfully sent Sabra over to the one loss side with a 5-3 score.

On the other side of the board, having been there since Mago delivered the crushing blow in the second round, Minor was making some waves of her own. She posted wins over last year's points leader, Leslee Davis Blaikie, JoAnn Lifland and Michell Monk who finished in 5th and received $50.

Minor also took out newcomer Sheilla Coleman who made quite a splash of her own by finishing in the money with a 4th place victory ($100). Dee continued along her destructive path into the semi finals where she sent Sabra home in 3rd place with her best finish so far this season and $175.

The final match showed Minor appearing more as the eye of the storm as she calmly surveyed each table. Lantz was helping to create her own demise by playing hide and seek behind the 9 ball in several games. Dee was victorious in the first set with a 6-1 win. Her game was slightly less devastating in the second set as she methodically reached a 6-2 win and a first place prize. Stacey received $225 for second place. Dee won $300 and first place honors for the BAAT tour's 4th stop of the season.
The BAAT tour would like to thank Tiger products, Lucasi Hybrid, Sterling Gaming, Stroke It Wear and Pete from Side Pockets Billiards for helping us host another wonderful chance for women to get out and step up to BAAT.