Johnny Archer Invites Fans and Friends to the U.S. Open

I want to tell my fans that I am excited to see them again at the U.S. Open. I have been playing well this year, and have won the Maryland 14.1 event, the Dragon Promotions 10-Ball event in New Orleans, and have not finished worse than fifth in the last 10 tournaments I have competed in. So I am planning on putting on a good show and I hope to meet up with many of my good friends again at the Open.

As an additional little plus for me this year is the progress I have made in the race for Mosconi Cup points. Three months ago I was way down the list in 13th place but now I have moved up into third place and it appears that this race could all come down to how well my competitors and I do at the Open. So there is a lot on the line this year, it excites me, and I hope it excites you as well. Professional pool is my way of life and I just love it when it comes down to the river card like this and everyone is waiting for the game to finish.