Johnson Takes Down Daulton in DCC Bank Pool Ring Game

Jet Johnson

The DCC Bank Pool Ring Game organized by Grady Mathews saw a new winner this year. Brian Gregg was dethroned by  first time participant, Jet “The Hungry Hound”  Johnson. After the match, the emotional Johnson embraced his mentor Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna who proudly exclaimed, “That's my protoge!”

The six players bought in for $1,500 each. This year, along with Shannon Daulton, Gregg, and Truman Hogue, we saw the likes of Harry Platis, David Fricks, and Johnson. The winner-take-all ring game kicked off at 8 o'clock with several time runner-up Daulton in the lead for the first half. Platis, Frick, and Hogue took early exits.

With three players left, Daulton and Johnson were tied with the lead. Together, they eliminated Gregg. In the final round, Johnson pulled ahead with the help of some open tables and nice position play. “This was the most spectacular performance by a first time bank pool player,” said Mathews.

Even Gregg embraced the elated Johnson saying, “I guess I can give Superman a hug.” Johnson takes home the total purse of $9,000.

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