Kelly Fisher WIns WPA World Ten Ball Championship

Kelly Fisher WIns First World Championship Foto: Emille Soriano

Kelly Fisher has won her first WPA World Championship by defeating Pei Chen Tsai of Taiwan 10-4 in the Women's World Ten Ball Championship in Manila. Fisher defeated Yu Han of China 9-4 in the Semi's to give her the seat in the finals.

Pei Chen Tsai defeated Ga Young Kim 9-4 to find herself in the finals against Fisher. But she looked tired in the finals and never really caught a gear as Fisher dominated the match.

Fisher was undefeated in this event. In the final stages she defeated Kajatani of Japan 8-2, Lai of Taipei 8-5, and then Han before winning against Tsai to seal the deal.

Details of the finals can be found by reading the following forum posts that describe the last matches: