Keystone TAP Celebrating 5 Successful Years in 2012

Keystone TAP, LLC  -  Established, Entertaining and Expanding

Halifax, PA, April 24th, 2012 -  TAP Players in the Heart of PA and Soul of MD know they got a good thing in their league.  And the word is spreading throughout its borders.

Keystone TAP started in May 2007 operating in 6 Counties in PA. In 2009, the purchase of another PA TAP operation took place which included two additional territories and the players from Hagerstown, MD and Frederick, MD wanted to join in too.  Creating a league extending over 13 counties in Pennsylvania and 2 in Maryland.

“In the beginning two years, it was getting a feel for everything in the league business and in each area”, Owner, Kelly Senior stated, “then it was getting everyone on the same page, incorporating old with new, trial and error, learning from our mistakes and building upon a solid base."

Today, Keystone TAP can boast it has a unique hotel tournament experience three times a year and a National Qualifier event called the Keystone Klassic for it's 8 Ball Participants.  Players from all divisions are represented at each of these events.  “It is the highlight of the league”, Senior says.  The love is in the details and the organization of the event.  Table vendors and hotels alike have seen it grow into a very sportsmanlike, respectable and fun event.  Accolades have been made by players throughout these events and are looking forward to what the future holds.

What does the future hold?  “Now that we have been established, and the events have been fine tuned to provide the ultimate entertainment experiences for our players, we look forward to expansion and future successes.”  Senior continued, “the players are our customers, we work tirelessly to provide the best for them every day, and now we just want to show more of them what we have to offer.”

Keystone TAP offers several formats to the Pool Player, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Singles and Scotch Doubles.  9 Ball Team divisions also enjoy a titleholder event three times a year and a Keystone Klassic event and is continuing to grow.  Players enjoy local MVP Plaques, qualifying and participating in the Rally in the Valley singles, in Philadelphia, PA.  Captains enjoy membership being paid for by the league for their hard work and coordination with their teams.  Teams enjoy multiple qualifier chances to win a trip to the TAP Traveling Nationals, along with Pins, Plaques and Prizes.  This league doesn't skimp on its players benefits,  they are too numerous to mention.

 Don't miss the excitement of Keystone TAP and it's upcoming events, industry leading advancements in computer technology provided by the TAP Corporate Offices, in an inverted pyramid company structure, that put's its players on top.

 Want more information about KeystoneTAP?  Check out our website, ; Facebook Page and / or contact us, through our office by phoning 717.921.2334 or emailing   Join the countless others that have been checking us out.

We look forward to hearing from you !   TAP ON !