Ladies Fury Florida Tour Season Ends

The $750 added Season Finale for the 2004 Ladies Fury Florida Tour was held at Stroker's Billiards in Palm Harbor, Fl. The event started with tour owner Kay Higgins giving out the top 8 final points leaders their end of the year money from the tour and prizes from the title sponsor Sterling Gaming promoter of the Fury Cues.

For 8th place Amy Poulter received $30 and a Fury DL Series Cue, 7 th place Stephanie Mitchell received $30 and a Fury DL Series Cue, 6th place Barbara Ellis received $35, a Fury Dl Series Cue and a 1b/1s Sterling Cue Case, 5th place Helene Caukin was absent from the event but will receive $35, a Fury Dl Series Cue and a 1b/1s Sterling Cue Case, 4th place Jessica Barnes received $40 and a Burgundy 2b/4s Sterling Cue Case, 3rd place Jennifer Nelson received $50 and an Instroke 2b/4s Cue Case, 2nd place Niki Rasmussen received $75 and a Fury NR series cue, and the 1st place points leader Debbie Schjodt received $100 and a Fury RP series cue. Award certificates for players who participated in all events were given out to Niki Rasmussen, Jennifer Nelson, Jessica Barnes and Barbara Ellis. Each certificate included a picture of the player in action that was taken by photographer Yvonne Nelson that she graciously let us use for our promotions.

Before the draw and play began it was announce the new season was being booked and the information would be sent out as soon as possible and the Debbie Schjodt had reached a level of play that she would not be returning next season but going on to increase her resume and work her way up to the next level. "We wish her the best and will do whatever we can to help her with her goals," Tour Owner Kay Higgins stated, "I will miss her. Seems like we have just had such a good time with these events and all the ladies have been super. Next season will be bigger and better for all."

Once the play began it showed that the competitive level was really there. Jennifer Nelson sent Debbie Schjodt to the one-loss side early in the event. The bet was that Nelson and Schjodt would be facing off in the finals as in some of the other events. When Schjodt went to the one-loss side she met up with friend Niki Rasmussen who was sent out of the event early.

The events were mostly close matches during the finale. Amanda Snell played Jennifer Nelson in the semi-finals and with a jump ahead of 3-1 Snell looked to be a shoe in for the hot seat match but Nelson was able to tie it at 5-5 and then take the next two games for a 7-5 victory. The other semi final match faced Stephanie Mitchell, who was sponsored by room owner Jose DelRio and Amy Poulter together and the evenly matched pair really gave the spectators something to watch. The games were traded back but in the end Poulter pulled it off for a chance at Nelson in the hot seat with a score of 7-6.

Mitchell faced Collen Russell who had won her previous match against the tour champion Schjodt and looked to be an ample opponent. Mitchell jumped ahead from the onset and sent Russell to sit out the rest of the event with a 5-1 win. Russell enjoyed watching the rest of the event hanging out with Tournament Director Kay Higgins.

Snell was sent to the one loss side to compete against Stephanie Mitchell. The play was tied 2-2 when Mitchell took control of the table and sent Snell to 4th place 5-2. Snell had not played in many of the season's events but she had shown that she was as competitive as they come when she showed up and finished in the money. Now Mitchell had to wait for the hot seat match to see who she'd have to compete with.

Nelson and Poulter met up for the hot seat match and the play was intense, The first four games were a tie at 2-2 but in the 5th and 6th game Nelson jumped ahead 4-2. Nelson. Poulter was always one game behind Nelson until Nelson took on the victory at 7-5. Now Poulter and Mitchell had to face off to see who would go the final round with Nelson.

The games were tied with each showing their skills and determination that had brought them to this rematch. It was anybody's guess as to who would take the lead with scores of 2-2, 3-3, etc. On the 9th game Mitchell played earnestly and looked to be the one to go for the final match but on last shot that would nail it down for her as the 9-ball fell in the corner pocket so did the cue ball in the side pocket causing her to leave the final match to Poulter at 5-4.

The rematch between Poulter and Nelson was going to be extremely interesting to watch. Both ladies are very competitive and excellent players. As the spectators sat around watching the final race to 9 began. Again an even match both players were a little fatiqued from the previous matches but both were ready to see who'd take the victory. The games were tied at 3, 5, 6 and continued to be a long match with each matching the other stroke for stroke. Once they reached the hill Poulter took control of the table and earned a 9-8 victory.

Results: 1st Amy Poulter- $450
2nd Jennifer Nelson- $260
3rd Stephanie Mitchell- $180
4th Amanda Snell- $100