Schjodt and Rasmussen Take on Fury Tour

Debbie Schjodt and Niki Rasmussen

On Saturday October 16, 2004 The Fury Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour had their stop #8 at Fast Break Billiards in Longwood, Florida, the last event prior to the Season Finale and the last chance for the players to gain points. The $300 added event proved to be a success with Debbie Schjodt and Niki Rasmussen again taking the lead.

Schjodt and Rasmussen have been faithfull participants of the events showing their support. Being good friends and roommates have not detered the competitive play between them. Schjot and Rasmussen play exceptionally well in all their matches. As the balls roll so does the bracket that put these two together in the hot seat match. The match up is so close with the games going back and forth that it is not unusual for it to reach the hill. Schjodt kept her play down and came out of the hot seat on top with 7-6.

Rasmussen who was sent to the semifinals met up with Amy Poulter whom she had sent to the one loss side in an earlier match with a 7-3. In the one loss side race to five, Rasmussen held fast to her previous win against Poulter by taking the lead at 3-2 and then pulling out for a victory of 5-3 giving her another chance at a Schjodt in the finals

The two friends are well aware of each other's playing ability and neither are willing to give in to the other. The final match as with the hot seat match was a back and forth battle for the first place spot. The play was defensive with a lot of safeties and a lot of laughing. Tournament director Kay Higgins was heard picking at the players, “About time you finished that game.”

In the end Schjodt was the one to take the first place spot in the final race to 9 match and come out on top 9-8. Higgins stated, “ It's so much fun to watch these girls play and I have really enjoyed the Ladies events. I am going to continue to support the billiards industry and am already got several firm dates for the Ladies events and The Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour. We are looking forward to another great season.”

The event had many exciting plays and finishes. In her fourth event, Tammy Gillis finished in fourth and Alison Von Dewalle made her debut to the Fury tour by winning her first three matches and tied for 7th/8th place.

1st place- Debbie Schjodt
2nd place- Niki Rasmussen
3rd place- Amy Poulter
4th place- Tammy Gillis.