Lopsided matches in Turning Stone Round Two

Jose Parica

The marquee matches in round two of the Turning Stone Classic XI were good matches; if you were interested in seeing one player dominate another.

Jose Parica showed the form of old in a 9-2 shellacking of Mika Immonen. Shaun Wilkie sent East Coast phenom Jeremy Sossei to the one loss side 9-3. Raj Hundal made quick work of Mike Davis 9-3 and Francisco Bustamante handed Ernesto Dominguez his first loss 9-5.

Other surprising results in round two saw Mike Badsteubner defeat Oscar Dominguez 9-7, Chris Szuter score a hill-hill win over Robb Saez and Kevin Ketz defeat Julie Kelly 9-7.

On the one loss side, the early upset victims flexed their muscles. Robles eliminated Mike Yednak 9-2, Shawn Putnam eliminated Lenny Haines 9-1 and Corey Deuel won by forfeit against Gary Naugle.

Marquee matches in round three of this event include Jonathan Pinegar vs Ronnie Wiseman, Dennis Hatch vs Johnny Archer and Gabe Owen vs Stevie Moore.

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