Sossei, Immonen and Saez eliminated at Turning Stone

Shawn Putnam came back from 8-4 down to beat Jeremy Sossei

Early Saturday matches at the Turning Stone Classic XI were on the one loss side, and that meant players would be eliminated.

One of those players is the reigning runner-up, Jeremy Sossei. Sossei led Shawn Putnam 8-4 early in the match and had a shot at the 9-ball at 8-6. A miss on that ball by Sossei was his last chance at the table as Putnam ran out the set for the 9-8 win.

Mika Immonen has also been shown to the bleachers by Corey Deuel by the score of 9-5. Another marquee player eliminated early Saturday was Robb Saez who was on the wrong side of a 9-2 score with Tony Robles.

Upcoming marquee matches on the winners side include Shane Van Boening vs Jose Parica and Dennis Hatch vs Stevie Moore.

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